Orthopaedic Services

Your musculo-skeletal system allows you to do your daily activities, and enjoy life. However, while you are enjoy life, the musculoskeletal system might be subjected to injuries and wear and tear, and this might lead to pain and dysfunction. We, at Institute For Biophysical Medicine, have a highly trained, and experienced BRITISH BOARD CERTIFIED orthopaedic senior consultant surgeons, who can help you to understand the cause of your pain, and put together a management strategy that suites you, and help you to regain comfort and function.

Sub-specialised service

We offer our patients a sub-specialised, world class services. Dr Ghassan Al-Yassari is sub-specialised in management of upper limb problems and Dr Mohamad Al-Lami is sub-specialised in management of lower limb problems.

We first identify what is the underlying problem that is causing your pain or dysfunction, and then we would explain to you what is causing your pain and dysfunction, and discuss with you the options of treatment, and what is the best way to treat the underlying problem, to ensure speedy recovery.

We may use a combination of advices for healthier life style, physical therapy, pharmaceutical medication, and surgical treatment.

We EMPOWER our patients by ensuring full understanding of the underlying problem, and by actively participating in the decision of management, after explaining in details the options of management.

Our philosophy is to provide EVIDENCE BASED SERVICES to our patient that suites their personal circumstances.